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Research Rotation


1.  Learn Research Methods 

2.  Complete or make significant progress on your residency research project. 

Course Objectives

1.  Meet with Drs. Mudrakola and/or Oskvarek each week during the 2 week rotation to discuss research

     idea and rotation objectives. 

2.  Lead discussion of 1 article of your choice or assigned during journal club.

3.  Review attached Research curriculum below on AkronEM

4.  Take Research Test as a self-test of your research knowledge (link below)

5.  Complete human subjects training, if necessary.

6.  Submit your project work (e.g. literature review, protocol,  etc.) to Drs. Mudrakola and/or Oskvarek at the        end of the rotation. 


Complete the Duke Form and submit to the Research Directors.

Submit research protocol draft CLICK HERE


1.  Review Introduction to Research Powerpoint. (click here)


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